venture leaders China 2015

After a very successful first edition of the venture leaders China program in Shanghai and Beijing in 2014, the Swiss national startup team of 2015 is once again ready to explore the Chinese market. The October business development trip will enable the team members to learn about the three economic hubs Peking, Shanghai and Shenzhen, in order to better understand the Chinese market and to seize business opportunities. A Global Pitchfest is also organized to provide an opportunity for international China-based startups to interact with the Swiss team.

venture leaders program – ten intense days in China

  • Presentation to experts and investors per industry sector
  • Startup visits
  • Knowledge workshops with experts in business development, IP, corporate affairs etc.
  • Advanced entrepreneurship training
  • “Execution workshops” focusing on developing your company “hands on”
  • Group feedback sessions
  • Multiple networking events with the high-tech entrepreneurs’ scene
  • Flexibility for personal business development activities during the whole stay

The team includes 10 startups that are active in multiple high-tech domains:

Arik Zucker, Qvanteq AG – Medtech (, Zurich (ETH spin-off)

Qvanteq_logo-4c_FQvanteq develops novel bioactive coronary and endovascular stents (a small implantable mesh tube used in narrowed arteries to restore blood flow) to address and overcome clinical adverse effects of today’s devices. Qvanteq’s bioactive Qstent promises fast and controlled healing therefore reducing the risk of restenosis (re-narrowing) and thrombosis.

Benoit de Combaud, CombaGroup SA – Green Tech (, Molodin (VD)

Combagroup logoFounded in 2011 in Switzerland, CombaGroup has developed an innovative greenhouse technology to grow salad locally all year long, using 100 times less water, 10 times less space and reducing carbon footprint per more than 2 compared to traditional ways of growing.

Christoph Rickert, Ability Switzerland AG – Medtech, neurorehabilitation (, Opfikon ZH (ETH spin-off)

logo-ability-small1Based on a research about how humans walk (gait), Ability Switzerland AG develops, produces and markets novel gait therapy solutions to bring patients with neurological disorders back on their feet. Their rehabilitation system, called LYRA®, is a fully automated gait trainer that enables an effective gait therapy and provides significant benefits to patients, therapists and clinics. LYRA® received medical certification for Europe in 2014 and is therefore approved for sales in all countries accepting the CE label.

Corey Houle, TwingTec AG – CleanTech (, Dübendorf (Empa/FHNW spin-off)

Twingtec-Logo_FinalTwingTec develops and markets a new wind energy technology called TwingPower. The strong and persistent winds at high altitudes are harvested with tethered wings (twings) and transformed into electrical power at the ground. The technology allows a dramatic reduction in both cost and impact of wind energy while making new, sometimes remote sites available both on- and off-shore.

Dr. Edin Balic, SwiSS-9, GmbH – Chemicals, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy (, Nidau (Empa spin-off)

Swiss-9-logo-high-resSwiSS-9 has developed and is commercializing a wet-coating for glass surfaces that functionalizes them easy-to-clean, anti-soiling and anti-reflective. This Swiss technology was developed at Empa-Thun and is being produced on an industrial scale in Nidau, BE.


Hans-Anton Keserue, rqmicro LLC – Biotech (, Zurich (ETH spin-off)

Logo-rqmicro-defrqmicro develops a novel system for the rapid detection of water and food pathogens, consisting of analytical instrumentation and consumable kits that enable the quantification of dangerous microorganisms in less than an hour.

Mark Forster, Adello Group AG – Media, mobile advertising/IT (
Adello_Logo_2014Zurich Adello is a media-buying platform that harnesses the power of deep learning technology to deliver mobile advertising to the right customer at the right time and location. More than 500 advertising partners trust Adello’s self-learning campaigns to achieve their brand and direct-response goals in diverse industries from retail to luxury cars to financial services.

Martin Ebner, Battrion AG – Engineering/Energy (, Zurich (ETH spin-off)

BattrionLogoBattrion develops a fabrication technology for lithium ion battery electrodes that aspires to double the charging speed without loss in energy density and lifetime. Their technology is a plug-in replacement for industrial manufacturing techniques and can be retro-fitted to existing plants.

Qifan Zhang, Nanolive SA – Biotech (, Lausanne (EPFL spin-off)

Nanolive_Logo_01Nanolive SA develops a disruptive proprietary technology, which allows for the very first time to explore a living cell in 3D without damaging it. This is a major milestone in the fields of education, biology, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, labs and industry.

Dr. Thomas C. Fessard, SpiroChem AG – Chemicals (, Zurich (ETH spin-off)

SpiroChem-LogoSpiroChem supports pharma-, agro- and biotech companies to drive their new molecule and synthesis innovation process, leading the way to new classes of molecules with highly attractive cost/benefit profiles. Their high-value-added products, services and technology accelerate their clients’ R&D in finding the drugs of tomorrow.

The venture leaders – the members of the Swiss national startup team – have a clear-cut goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. The ten-day business development program is specifically structured to help them achieve this goal. For the past 13 years, the Swiss national startup team traveled to the United States of America to discover the exciting entrepreneurial scene there. In 2014, as an initiative in Asia, 10 selected entrepreneurs went to China. By interacting with peers and discussing their experience, the participants benefited from a group learning environment. The entrepreneurs shared their challenges, develop ideas and motivate one and other, returning to Switzerland with a new outlook and drive to succeed.

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