Innosuisse China Camp

Innosuisse China Camp is a joint initiative between Innosuisse and swissnex China, offering a rare and unique opportunity for Swiss entrepreneurs to broaden their Chinese market. We support Swiss start-ups by connecting them with networks of China’s fast-growing market and industrial experts to support them for successful market entry in China.


Innosuisse China Camp – Virtual Offerings

swissnex China is launching customized Innosuisse China Camp service to Swiss startups in response to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic. (Click)

China Agri-Food-Tech Bootcamp 2021

We invite Swiss AgriTech & FoodTech startups to join this intense and tailored startup internationalization program to take a deep dive into the China market. (Click)

What we offer







  • 1 month
  • 3,000 CHF Stipend

  • 3 months(divisible into multiple stays)
  • 6,000 CHF Stipend


What you can expect:

  • Desk & office infrastructure in swissnex
  • Coaching and mentoring from local experts
  • Introductions to valuable contacts on the local market
  • Support in validating your product/service on the local market



  • For market validation & entry campers, our program is free of charge, you can get stipend to cover your travel and accommodation range from 3000- 6000 CHF.
  • Fact-finding: For Swiss startups are not ready for market validation & entry camp, we can allocate 1-2 hours to help you gather intelligence about your China market knowledge.


  • In coaching programme or Innosuisse certified <=3 years.
  • Your company can be assumed that a part of the added value will flow back to Switzerland.
  • Assessment of your startups regarding readiness for internationalization and market opportunity in China.

How to apply?

Ideally, apply for camp in 3 months before your international trip:


Apply for a coaching program


Apply for a camp




Look for a Start-up Coaching Program at

Once the coaching program accepted, pick a camp, fill in the form and get in touch

Once the application submitted, Innosuisse and swissnex China will review your application

For more information and application contact: or


You can download our summary brochure here.


What startups think about the camps:



“swissnex China offers second-to-none connection between your company and Chinese market. Professional team and high value platform assure you would understand the market fast and build up your presence locally in no time.”
Xiaolin Briod-Wang
General Manager Big China, Flyability SA


“swissnex China has been giving us tremendous support for our market entry during the last year. Their team is very dynamic and responsive, with a strong willingness to help us progress. This support is key to launch our business activities in China and get a better understanding of the ecosystem.”
Laurent Coulot
CEO and co-founder, Insolight



Some of the activities during the camps:


Locations & Contact info

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, China – Contact: Simin Yang

Bangalore, India – Contact: Prateek Khare

Sao Paolo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Contact: Amanda Akemi

London, UK – Contact: Lutz Peter-Berg

San Francisco, USA – Contact: Franziska Steiner, Linda Aerne

Boston, USA – Contact: Alicia Evangelista

New York, USA – Contact: Oliver Haugen