CTI Market Entry Camp

This program is a joint initiative between CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research) and swissnex China, which is open to all CTI Start-ups (both prescreening and postlabel companies) and introduce them to characteristics and networks of China’s fast growing market and innovative potential in order to prepare them for a successful market entry in China.

Service from swissnex China

Market Validation Camp

  • Study on market, legal information & business model feasibility
  • Access to potential business partners, suppliers, regulatory institutions, etc.
  • Free use of desk & office infrastructure
  • Local staff to assist with translation
  • Stipend of travel: 1,000 CHF stipend on flight ticket from Switzerland to China, maximum two tickets from one start-up

Market Entry Camp

  • Connect with business partners, investors, talent, etc.
  • Adapt to local market
  • Free use of desk & office infrastructure
  • Demo, showcase activities
  • Stipend of travel: 1,000 CHF stipend on flight ticket from Switzerland to China, maximum two tickets from one start-up
Criteria for access to the camps
The following formal criteria will be considered when admitting candidates for both the Market Entry Camp and the Market Validation Camp:
  • Coaching acceptance
  • Active status in the coaching process
  • The assigned coach recommends participation in the camp
  • No more than three years have passed from the moment when the CTI label was awarded and the time of registration
  • Milestones have been formulated for the camp
Considering the local market, the following substantive criteria must be met in order to take part in the CTI Market Entry Camp:
  • Innovation: Company value proposition is significant enough to make a difference in the respective market.
  • Market: Competitive situation leaves room for a new European player
  • Strategy: Internationalization is part of the company’s core strategy (see also milestones for the camp)
  • Financing: the potential future (additional) cost burden can be reasonably offset against additional business potential; the (minor) costs added by the Camp can be absorbed within the existing financial plan.
  • Company: The company has been (or is currently being) formed in Switzerland, has close ties with Switzerland and it is expected that a portion of the added value will benefit Switzerland.
  • Camp resources: Infrastructure/resources are available (time/location).

Duration: The CTI Market Entry Camp in China generally lasts for no longer than three months, which can be divided into multiple stays.

To apply for the CAMP, download the form here.

For more informantion and application contact: lijun.zhang@nullswissnexchina.org

Since the announcement of CTI China Market Entry CAMP in August 2013, swissnex China has been assisting eight teams with their business development in China. These start-ups are specialized in healthcare, ICT or system & machine industries. Some of them are directly seeking clients to deliver products and service. Some others are planning to team up with existing market players. The rest of the entrepreneurs are exploring the market opportunities, evaluating regulatory path as well as looking for fund-raising support.

New Market Opportunities in Asia

For Swiss entrepreneurs and start-ups, East Asia (Japan, Korea and China/Hong Kong) is a key market to explore. While obstacles remain, the size of opportunities will grow and offer interesting market prospects.  With this in mind, the team here in the region is keen to assist CTI startups. First, swissnex China also has offices/teams in Beijing and in Guangzhou where you can get similar services under the CTI Market Entry Camp.

In the region, our colleagues are also looking forward to assisting you. As part of SERI, they are available to share with you basic market information and business contacts.