Located in the heart of Europe, adjoining Germany, France, and Italy, Switzerland flourishes on a multi-lingual environment, a stable political and economic foundation, as well as diverse international connections. As a result, Switzerland has a multi-faceted art-science culture that will lead the way into the future.

Thanks to advanced education, research and technology in Switzerland, “cross-disciplinary projects” or “technical and artistic projects” have become commonplace. Numerous Swiss universities, research institutes, curators and artists are committed to promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration to explore new directions in scientific research and artistic creation. The European Centre for Nuclear Energy Research (CERN) in Geneva, for example, has initiated an artist residency program since 2011 to promote collaboration and serendipity. Therefore, as a bridge to Sino-Swiss culture, we not only strive to present excellent cross-disciplinary projects in Switzerland, but also demonstrate the possibility of cross-border cooperation between different fields through exhibitions, performances, and educational activities.

Get informed with Art-Science events and trends

We have collaborated with a number of unique art/technology institutions as well as universities, including Blockchain Center Shanghai, Chronus Art Center, VR_I performance, Archi-Union studio, Fudan University, ETH Zurich University, and more. Our events covered a variety of topics from Virtual Reality, architecture, to drone revolution and food technology. We make sure we as well as our audiences are staying at the forefront of cross-disciplinary trends.

Join the community for discussions

Our events are targeted not only to inform our audiences but also to create a casual platform for anyone to share and discuss innovative ideas. We firmly believe that the act of philosophizing is crucial for the growth of cross-disciplinary fields and we encourage anyone who is interested to get involved and become part the community.

Grow your institution’s visibility in Shanghai

We aim to increase our partners’visibility through press outreach, customized activities, workshops and events. Whether your objective is to grow your reputation within local art-science community or with the general public, we can work together to achieve it.

To explore our Art-Science events, please contact our Head of Art-Science projects, Ms. Cissy Sun.

Yiwen (Cissy) SUN

Head of Art-Science


Art-Science at swissnex China not only aims to produce knowledgable events, but also to provide Swiss artists and scientists with a wide network.


“Great organisation. I had a good time and was very happy to present my projects to the audience.”
Andreas Gysin
Residency artist of Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council
“For our first presentation in China we did receive an extraordinary interest form audience and professionals and we foresee very interesting developments for VR_I in China but also other projects. swissnex did an amazing job! It is a very dynamic organization, we worked with them before in other countries, they are great in representing the swiss “creative industry!”
Gilles Jobin
Director & Chereographer of VR_I