Services for Swiss Higher Education Institutions

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swissnex China officially represents all Swiss Higher Education Institutions in China. We network Swiss and Chinese universities at departmental, faculty, research and student level, facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperation. Our goal is to support the internationalization efforts of the institutions by providing them with a platform to increase their presence in China. We want to ensure that Swiss institutions have direct access to local universities and can build a reliable network with staff and students. In addition, it is our goal to keep Swiss institutions up to date with the latest news and developments.

The list of Swiss universities represented by us can be found here.


Representing Swiss Public Universities at Education Fairs / Einstein Days

We are pleased to represent Swiss universities at different educations fairs. The purpose is to promote Swiss higher education, research and innovation to the students and faculties from first-class Chinese universities, while providing a platform for Swiss universities to present themselves and the Chinese alumni community of Swiss universities to exchange. Hereby, we can increase the outreach of Swiss institutions and thus contribute to the promotion of Switzerland’s innovative strength.

Switzerland is a hub for excellent education. Outstanding universities such as ETH Zurich and EPFL regularly rank globally among the top universities for science and technology. In addition, public research institutions such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and international organizations such as the United Nations have their headquarters in Switzerland. The academic landscape in Switzerland comprises twelve universities awarding doctorate degrees, as well as eight universities of applied science, which offer a more practice focused approach to studying.

The events known as Einstein Days take place at top Chinese universities such as Fudan University. Fudan, for instance, is an excellent university in both social science and natural sciences and thus one of the most interesting sources of potential students to fill various levels of study positions in Switzerland. The last Einstein event took place on September 17, 2019 with more than 200 participating students, the majority of whom are interested in studying in Switzerland.


University Service Mandates

swissnex China is pleased to take on further tasks for Swiss universities in the form of mandates. Depending on the specific structure of the mandate, different tasks can be fulfilled. For example, swissnex China can be entrusted with a communication mandate, whereby the specific university is represented on a larger scale on social media, conferences, workshops, networking events etc. Hereby the reputation of the university is strengthened. In addition, swissnex China can be commissioned with the organization (program, route, translation, administration) of visits by university professors/researchers to establish contacts with Chinese partners such as universities/researchers/organisations/companies. This not only promotes the research of the academic staff, but also strengthens the reputation of the university. Moreover, in case of appropriate cooperation agreements, swissnex China is pleased to offer internships to students from respective universities, whereby the university is represented in the best possible way.