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Coming to China to study is a fascinating endeavor, but in order to fully enjoy the experience one must be ready and well-informed about the country, its customs and the educational possibilities it offers. This section of our website aims at regrouping all available and relevant information about studying and living in China in order to facilitate the arrival and enhance the experience of Swiss students and interns.

Studying in China

Educational information

The first step if you plan to come to China is to see if your university has any exchange programs open with a university in Mainland China. If this is not the case, or if you are looking for a full-time degree from a Chinese university, you can find more information on these useful websites:

Scholarships are a good way to reduce the cost of an international experience. You can receive scholarships from both the Swiss government and the Chinese government. If you would like to learn more about scholarship possibilities, please use these links:

Learning Mandarin

As China’s importance grows around the globe, learning Mandarin can be a very valuable asset for your future. For people who want to come to China to study Mandarin, there are two options: University courses or private schools.

University courses

The first option is to spend a semester or a year studying Mandarin at a university. Most Chinese universities offer language learning programs for foreigners. These programs usually last from at least one semester (4 months) to several years. The classes consist of about 20 students from all over the world, which creates a multicultural experience. Normally, students have classes either in the morning or in the afternoon, which gives them time to prepare their lessons and follow other interests in their spare time. To learn more about the different programs offered by Chinese universities, please visit CUCAS, a useful website that lists all the programs available to foreigners in China.

For Mandarin courses at a university, some people in our network have recommended the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of International Education. The contact person for the courses at this university is Mrs. Wuying Zhao, Director of the Admissions office (

Private schools

The other option is to attend Mandarin classes in a private school. In these smaller settings, classes and service are much more personal. You can learn Mandarin from one week to several months or years, in a group or one-to-one. These programs are usually more expensive than the university programs, but you can improve your Mandarin skills much faster. These schools also organize various events and activities for students to learn more about the Chinese culture. Our recommendation for such private lessons is Mandalingua, a school founded by a Swiss expat in China.

Tailored Experiences

It is possible to organize your trip to China yourself, although it takes a lot of time and commitment. For a tailor-made experience, you can contact Integrate Chinese Life, a company founded by two Swiss entrepreneurs that offers packages of education, accommodation and integration services.


Living in China

General information

Here are the contacts of the most important Swiss representations in China. Most of them regularly organize events for the growing Swiss community. Do not hesitate to contact them and inquire about events. These are great opportunities to meet and interact with peers.

Next year Switzerland and China will celebrate the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. To find out more about Sino-Swiss relations, please click on these links:

Guides for newcomers

The first days in China can be quite overwhelming without the right preparation and information. Try to read and research as much as possible beforehand. Information is easily available online, but we wanted to share with you the most important sources we have.

A good way to start and get a good understanding of your future life in China is to look at survival guides. You can have a look at the following:



For further information about studying and living in China, please contact: