Fireside Chat Event Series


The Fireside Chat is a format inviting seasoned Swiss speakers to talk and discuss their experiences in China; this presentation series is a collaboration between swissnex China and SwissCham. Please join us for interesting talks, discussions and networking!


Past events:

  • June 4, 2019: Urs Mattes, Director Asia-Pacific at Cendres+Métaux SA, came to swissnex China for a presentation entitled Opportunities and Challenges in the Chinese Medtech landscape. Having lived in the region for two decades, Dr. Mattes is a well-established University of Zurich alumnus in China. He has accumulated extensive cross-functional expertise and has been a board member of several medical and non-medical Swiss companies.
  • April 8, 2019: Daniel Heusser took the opportunity of the Fireside Chat to reflect on his journey and his learning experience since he arrived in the Chinese context of the 1990’s. He was able to highlight the challenges he faced, first in the establishment of a joint-venture and then in taking the big plunge of swimming on his own when he founded his company in 2003. He was further able to touch on a number of aspects, including the managing of Virtuarch, laying out strategies as well as planning and overlooking well designed projects, stressing the importance of trusting his gut feelings to prevent problems and having the flexibility to adapt – and to readapt – to ever changing circumstances.
  • July 11, 2018: The first Fireside Chat with Mr. Kurt Haerri, who gave an insightful talk of his long-term experience at Schindler and life in China in general, was hosted at swissnex China on July 11, 2018. In an interactive format, our distinguished speaker discussed the cross-cultural Sino-West professional environment and explored the dimensions and dynamics of Chinese companies. Drawing upon his extensive and deep personal understanding of the Chinese culture, the former President of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce dissected the critical success factors and challenges in corporate China and provide a framework for successful cross-cultural understanding and interactions. The event was initiated by ETH Zurich Alumni Chapter Chair Zhang Xi and carried out in collaboration with the EPFL Alumni Chapter and SwissCham.