Yong Kwek Ping: The challenge of due diligence in China

This is a TED talk given by Kwek Ping Yong, head of the Alumni Chapter of International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland. Click and watch how he approaches the topic from an interesting perspective.


About this speaker
Yong Kwek Ping has more than ten years of private equity investment experience in China. He started his first China-focused growth fund in 2001 and has since made more than thirty investments in different Chinese cities. Kwek is the author of the first industry focused book on “Private Equity in China: Challenges and Opportunities” published in 2012.

About this talk
Assessing a potential investment in a Chinese company poses a unique set of challenges, including lack of reliable finances and often opaque ideas of the structure and relationships that drive a business. Yong Kwek Ping walks through typical transactions and offers advice on what to look for before green lighting a new deal.

For his book on the topic, Due Diligence in China: Beyond the Checklists, you can go to http://www.amazon.com/Due-Diligence-China-Website-Checklists/dp/1118469062