The Second Swiss Day at Beihang University

On the occasion of Prof. Claude Nicollier’s visit to Beihang University, the Science, Technology and Education Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing successfully organized a 2nd Swiss Day on July 7th. The various exhibitions, visited by over 1,000 people, mainly focused on new technologies and materials enabling a sustainable development across several sectors and markets. Situated in front of the largest campus building in Asia, different elements showcased Switzerland’s commitment to invent, improve and introduce sustainable technologies, significantly spurred on by the Swiss educational system, top-notch R&D centers and other private or government investments.

Swiss Day Beihang_1

The 2nd Swiss Day was opened by a public lecture organized by the International Space Science Institute Beijing (ISSI), which attracted students, university professors and young space science aficionados alike.

Cleantech Switzerland, constituting one of the elements of the 2nd Swiss Day, is a nonprofit platform that has been developed on behalf of the Federal Government. Its focus lies on promoting environmental protection by implementing new Swiss technologies and solutions in key markets around the world.

Glice®, a Swiss-engineered artificial ice manufacturer, offers an environmentally friendly and the most advanced technology in the synthetic ice industry, enabling indoor and outdoor ice-skating without the use of electricity or water in any climate conditions.

Swiss Day Beihang_2

In an exhibition entitled “Data Canvas”, a global swissnex project that promotes the open and dynamic spirit of innovation, the visitors were empowered to sense the environment of major cities around the world in an interactive, artistically visual fashion. They could explore real-time data on pollution, dust, light, sound, temperature and humidity, which – in combination – create a dynamic virtual composition of each city generated by the urban environment. Data Canvas is a perfect example of making data available and publicly accessible in order to be used as a tool to create data-driven artwork.

Two backdrops provided by Switzerland Tourism and St. Moritz allowed a fascinating glimpse of the beautiful Swiss Alps, where the positive effects of sustainable technologies and environmental friendly methods can be truly witnessed. On the “Grand Tour of Switzerland”, an initiative launched by Switzerland Tourism, “the journey is the goal”.

20150707_115446In a large tent showcasing Switzerland, the students of Beihang University had the chance to meet people, learn about Switzerland’s excellence in innovation, grab information brochures and giveaways, or get themselves refreshed with delicious ice-cream or coffee kindly sponsored by Nestlé.

If they were lucky enough, they could even take a group picture with the Swiss Ambassador, H.E. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Prof. Claude Nicollier, the first and only Swiss Astronaut, and the President of Beihang University, Prof. XU Huibin. Thanks to the help and strong support of Swiss and Chinese students and other volunteers, the Swiss Day at Beihang University was a great continuation of last year’s success and a unique occasion to celebrate the 65-years long friend- and partnership between Switzerland and China.