Lift China 2015 – Connecting Innovators Worldwide

swissnex China, along with Lift, jointly held the 2nd Lift China at Power Station of Art on June 17, 2015.

The one-day event gathered innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and pioneers based in China, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, Singapore, and Switzerland to exchange ideas on hot topics such as Drones, Open Data, Business Models via inspiring talks, panel discussions, masterclasses and interactive workshops, attracting more than 250 local participants.

DJI now owns 60% global market in commercial drones

The opening speech “Expand Your Senses with Drones” featured Prof. Angela Schoellig (head of the Dynamic Systems Lab, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies), YANG Shuo (DJI R&D), showing skills of autonomous (flying) robots in helping human beings expand their reach and efficiency in times of catastrophe as much as in daily life, and driving people to ponder over its impact on the development of the society.

During the Start-up Pitching Session in the afternoon, 7 startups from various origins presented their projects to the audience, including the winner of the international start-up competition Seedstars (China Division), startup teams from Ban-Ma Innovation Week and independent entrepreneurs from China, Switzerland and South Korea. After the pitching session, Pascal Marmier, CEO of swissnex China, Olivier Glauser, investor and co-founder of Shankai Sports and William Bao Bean, Managing Director of Chinaaccelerator led a panel discussion about entrepreneurship today in the East and especially, the booming tech startups in China.LIFT CHINA 2015_1

The Interactive Design Exhibition “Data Canvas: Sense Your City” brought data and citizens closer than ever. Many of the participants were amazed by the way how data can be transformed into various formats of visual presentations. At the same time, the idea of maker network and the operation of the project were still quite new to the local audience, they were very much engaged in the Q & A session and some even set up online groups on WeChat for further discussions on the topics raised during the event.

LIFT CHINA 2015_2Masterclasses and interactive workshops also highlighted the afternoon. Serena Cangiano (researcher at SUPSI, coordinator of the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design) and Fabio Franchino (Computational designer and a founding partner at ToDo, an interaction design studio) interprete Big Data in an artistic way. Verina Cristie (researcher in Computational Fluid Dynamics Visualization at Future Cities Lab, Singapore) unveiled a brand new possibility in data display by adopting video game technologies. Environmental Design associate professor at Tongji University, Pius Leuba offered an introductory workshop on Biomimicry in an imaginative way – participants were to deduce the living environment and possible survival challenges of subjects by thinking themselves as different species that coexists in the same environment, suggesting that human beings could resolve current environmental issues by referring to the Law of Survival of Mother Nature and biological features.

This successful one-day event concluded with Swiss-Chinese Innovation Night cocktail, where all the speakers and participants were gathered to share the frensh ideas and thoughts they had during the day.


Lift China @ Shenzhen Maker Faire

The Lift China team and the Swiss makers and designers moved to Shenzhen on June 18 for the Maker Faire to present “Data Canvas: Sense Your City” project. During the following three days, the Shenzhen Maker Faire -the biggest gathering of makers in China, turned out to be a perfect place to interact with local makers and startups in the intelligent hardware sector.


The first “Shenzhen Maker Week” was held on June 18-22, 2015 to implement the general deployment of the State Council in developing the space for mass entrepreneurship and promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, driving the rapid development of maker events of Shenzhen.

SEEED studio, partner of the Data Canvas initiative as well as the organizer of the Faire, sponsored Lift China a booth to present the project. Kasper Fangel Skov, Grand Prize winner of Data Canvas: Sense Your City, was in the to introduce his project. As one of the very few non-profit projects, Data Canvas attracted a huge flow of visitors, who kept asking all kinds of questions from the operation of the project, installation of the sensors to the detail dimensions of the data visualization.

In the meantime, the Swiss makers and designers that companied Lift China enjoyed this great opportunity to meet with local makers and look for future collaboration to get a further understanding of China’s maker ecosystem.

About Data Canvas: Sense Your City

To empower citizens to sense and make sense of their environment, Lift, swissnex San Francisco and Gray Area created a DIY sensor network and attracted more than 100 makers from San Francisco, Boston, Bangalore, Shanghai, Singapore, Geneva and Rio de Janeiro. In just four months, more than 12,000 people followed the program online, and beyond 700 people took part in workshops and meet-and-greets. All sensors that collect data are assembled by participants and placed in their residences, offices or local maker spaces. On such basis, the project group created a map that shows real-time environmental data of the seven cities aforementioned. With the accessible Data, the people who are interested in it can let their imagination run wild and make something out of these data… to know more please go to here.