Back to 1602 through Escalade

escalade articleIs it possible to travel into the past without using a time machine?

Well, this actually happened on Tuesday night December 8 in Shanghai, where, for the third year in a row, the traditional ceremony of the Escalade has been celebrated. Around 200 participants have been brought back to the 17th Century in the middle of a surprise attack where the soldiers sent by the Duke of Savoy were eventually defeated by the city of Geneva.

Soldier Pascal Marmier, CEO of swissnex China, suddenly arrived on stage with his sword after the opening speech of the Consul General of Switzerland, Alexander Hoffet. On the background, “Mère Royaume” (an old lady of the city of Geneva) was cooking her soup in a big pot while chatting with her two old friends. After some comic scenes, the small sketch ended up with the victory of the three ladies pouring the hot soup on the enemy and… taking a selfie as a souvenir!

Aside from the reconstruction of this historical event, all the traditions celebrated each year in Geneva have been respected: about 40 people run a smaller version of the famous “Course de l’Escalade”, a big chocolate “Marmite” was broken by the kids, some brave guests sang the typical lyrics of “Cé qu’è lainô” and finally, we all danced the “Picoulet” together.

A nice Swiss buffet, raclette, mulled wine as well as the traditional soup were served during the whole night. The event was successfully closed with the announcements of the kids who won a drawing competition and the distribution of lucky draw prizes.

The event definitely reached the goal of presenting a piece of Swiss culture to our Chinese local community while celebrating the end of the year in a really warm atmosphere! We would like to thank all the participants and we hope to see everyone again next year!

For more pictures of the event, please visit our online gallery.