[Energy Forum 19] Save to Grow: Energy Conservation and Sustainable Energy Policy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, October 29, 2014 – Civic Exchange co-organised a public forum with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong titled “Energy Conservation and Sustainable Energy Policy in Hong Kong”. This forum outlined the possible solutions for tackling energy issue at all levels in the local society from the demand side management aspect. About 110 participants attended this forum and joined a vibrant discussion with all the speakers representing different stakeholder groups.

Early this year, the HKSAR Government undertook a public consultation on future fuel mix for electricity generation. Some discussions were made during the consultation based on the premise that energy consumption would continue to rise in the future, without seriously looking into the potential of energy conservation in the city, and what that means to future electricity generation and fuel mix adjustment.

In an attempt to expand the dialogue to also cover energy conservation and demand side management measures, and to facilitate an informed discussion on energy efficiency in various sectors in Hong Kong, Civic Exchange co-organized a public forum with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong. In the first session, Dr. Walter Steinmann, Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, shared with the audience the Swiss experience and best practices in energy conservation and sustainable energy policy. In the second session, a distinguished panel composed of Dr. Walter Steinmann, Mrs. Irene Cheng from Housing Department, HKSAR Government, Mr. Hahn Chu as an independent commentator on environmental issues, and Mr. Arthur Lui from Schneider Electric, joined the discussion moderated by Ms. Yan-yan Yip from Civic Exchange.

At the beginning of the panel discussion, Mrs. Irene Cheng shed lights on current energy efficiency practices in public housing in Hong Kong. Further, Mr. Arthur Lui shared the smart grid concept implemented by Schneider Electric, and Mr. Hahn Chu commented on the light pollution and energy wastage issues in Hong Kong.

For presentations and video from the event, click here.