A New Step Forward: University of St.Gallen Goes on WeChat

Nobody could ignore the power of social media today. In China, a country where its digital landscape are totally different from the rest of the world, social media marketing became a big challenge for foreign institutions because of not only the language barrier but also understanding the unique ecosystem and how to take advantage of it to reach more audience, establishing a solid presence in the scene and eventually gaining a meaningful impact.

Among Swiss universities, University of St.Gallen (HSG) has been the first institution to start their Sina Weibo account since late 2012 by collaborating with swissnex China for a pilot project and now it has been running for more than three years. The number of followers has been growing steadily and the account serves as the first touch point for HSG’s perspective students in China by providing latest updates on admission, course information and various activities hosted in the campus.

HSG Sina Weibo Screenshot May 2016

screenshot of HSG Sina Weibo homepage

However during the past three years, there has been a major shift regarding the key players among the Chinese social media platforms. WeChat, a multi-function mobile app has taken over Sina Weibo’s leading position in the market and has become the most popular mobile app with 695 million monthly active users worldwide. HSG has noticed the trend and made a bold move in making efforts to explore WeChat as their new approach to create a complete digital marketing strategy in China. swissnex China has the pleasure to be HSG’s local partner in this new initiative – from May 2016, a monthly post about HSG will be released through swissnex China’s official WeChat account, covering a diverse range of topics from St. Gallen Symposium, HSG alumni stories to top ranking master programs and so on. A general Chinese introduction for HSG could be also find through a specific menu tab (see screenshot below) within the account. We look forward to discovering more potential opportunities through social media and creating values together with HSG in the coming future.

HSG on snx WeChat

screenshots of WeChat posts about HSG on swissnex China’s official account

How we work with Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences

swissnex China has been assisting Swiss higher education institution in various aspects including market entry, joint research program and study trip organization, etc. In terms of social media, we actively help our partners to promote their summer school/EMBA/MBA programs by launching creative online campaigns through our local social media channels. If you are interested in consulting the assistance of swissnex China to gain a digital competitive edge for your institution through Chinese social media, please contact Ms. Tu HU tu.hu@nullswissnexchina.org, Communication Officer, for more information.