2015 Chinese New Year Gathering: Old Friends, New Journey

2015 marks the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and China. In the beginning of this new year, we held the 2015 Chinese New Year Gathering to celebrate all the achievements that we have made in the previous year, and to extend our best wishes for the year ahead.

The event was held in JZ Latino, Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, with over 100 honorable guests participating, offering us a great opportunity to interact with innovators and leaders of their own fields.

The evening event started with the welcome words from Alexander Hoffet, Consul General of Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai. Then, Pascal Marmier, CEO of swissnex China and Vice Consul General, who made a resolution to speak more Chinese in 2015, insisted on making a speech in Chinese.  Though imperfect, it was a wonderful speech. But he was not the only Swiss there who was enthusiastic about the Chinese culture.  Prof. Matthias Mueller from Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK) mixed beautiful traditional Chinese music into his “Sensor Augmented Bass” performance, and gave us an extraordinary music experience.  With nice food and vintage wine, as well as music to your heart’s desire, what more can you ask for? Of course a lucky draw!

2015 CNY_blog pic

But whoever got the best gifts that night were not the luckiest ones, we were, because we have so many friends who helped us to achieve a fruitful year. In 2014, we saw the swissnex China network expanding faster than ever before with many alumni of Swiss universities joining our events; we successfully held more than 30exchanging events in education, science and technology fields, connecting outstanding Swiss universities with their Chinese counterparts; we introduced cutting-edge science and great innovations, and helped support the fostering of new cooperation. All these will not be achieved without the help and support of our alumni, our partners and all our dearest friends.

On occasion of the Chinese New Year, we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!