swissnex China's annual reports in recent years.

We just released the very first SWISSNEX annual report for 2014, a collaborative effort of the entire network!

Annual Reports

2014 – swissnex annual report

Welcome to our 2014 Annual Report – the first of its kind providing an overview of activities in the swissnex network all in one publication. We hope you will be inspired to make new connections around the globe and to continue shaping the future with us. Thank you for your continued interest, support, and collaboration!

2013 – The Year of Snake

It has been proved to be a very successful year from a “top-down” view: on one hand, the Free Trade Agreement between China and Switzerland has brought Sino-Swiss relations to a new chapter; on the other hand, swissnex China has initiated more projects than ever and our community has been growing rapidly. Looking back to 2013, we have also found out great video and amazing pictures to share with you, check the amazing timeline of 2013 here!


2012 – The Year of Dragon

2011 – The Year of Rabbit

If you are interested, you can download our previous annual reports: 2008  2009  2010  2011  2012 2013