University studies

This page was created to centralize all relevant and useful information for Swiss students who plan to come to China for studies. Coming to China to study is not an easy process; we believe the more information available, the easier the transition.

Educational information

The first step if you plan to come to China is to see if your university has any exchange programs open with a university in Mainland China. If that’s not the case of if you wish to study a full-time degree in a Chinese university, more information about all programs available to foreigners can be found on these useful websites:

Scholarship are a good way to reduce the cost of an experience abroad. You can receive some on the Swiss side but also on the Chinese side from both governments. If you want to know more about scholarships, please follow these links:



For further information about studies in China, please feel free to contact:

Jonas Thürig
Deputy Head of Science, Technology and Education Section
Embassy of Switzerland in Bejing


Rahel Gruber
HR, Operations Manager
swissnex China