Discovering, fact-finding, networking.

We help Swiss startups to prepare their first step in China, discovering the market, meeting professional coaches and connecting with the local experts.

For Startups

swissnex China aims to facilitate knowledge acquisition and business development efforts of Swiss startups into China by offering fact-finding information, tailor-made services, and specific industry workshop in the field of life science, food & nutrition, ICT, Clean-tech, and precision & intelligent instrument.
Thanks to the excellent relationships between China and Switzerland and the recent State Visit of President Schneider-Ammann, there is a growing interest in Swiss startups in China. This translates into a lot of very interesting opportunities for tech startups interested in this growing market, but this can also lead to many unsolicited offers of services for Swiss entrepreneurs. If you have little or no experience, please check with Ms. Lijun Zhang, Project Leader Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at swissnex China or with the Swiss Business Hub (S-GE) to get a first opinion. It’s always best to get some basic advice when you are planning business activities in China.