A story of Sabine and Yefei

During summer 2014, 8 students from the School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) and 8 students from Shanghai University, School of Management got to share a great experience. Two full packed weeks in Switzerland followed by another two in Shanghai were organised: lectures, company visits and cultural activities. Put 16 young people together, no matter where they are from and you can be sure that some bonds will be made and friendship will appear. Here we present the story from Yefei and Sabine, who shared their experience through the program and how it changed their lives afterwards.


My name is Yefei and I am 23 years old. Shanghai is my hometown and I grew up in a traditional and big Chinese family. I love adventures. My curiosity always encourages me to try new things.
Yefei Xia


Y&S story 1I have to say the summer university must be the best memory in my life and to some extent it changed my life as well. During the program, I experienced the high educational standard of Switzerland and was inspired a Swiss professor from HEIG-VD, which motivated me to come back to Switzerland for my master program.

Since my bachelor background was in management and I am interested in French, studying in the French-speaking part of Switzerland became my first choice. After a long preparation of application and almost five months waiting, the offer finally came and I was accepted to a master program in management in Lausanne.

During that time, I still kept in touch with my Swiss friends. Of course I shared the good news to them immediately. However, it was not that easy to find accommodation in Lausanne. So I tried to ask for help from my Swiss friends and Sabine was there for me. Now I stay at Sabine’s place and all the family members treat me like one of them. We discuss about the culture differences and share traditional food from two countries.

I believe what I gained is not only the knowledge from HEC Lausanne, but also the friendship between Switzerland and China.


My name is Sabine and I am 24 years old. I grew up in Switzerland where my home is a mix of two different cultures: Swiss and Egyptian. I love discovering new places, meeting new people, and working on projects in which I can incorporate my creativity.
Sabine Boulos

Y&S Story 2I remember the very first time we all met. It was around a picnic set up by the students nearby the lake in Lausanne, tasting our Swiss products turned into Chinese food. This foretaste was indicating that the following month was going to be rich in discoveries.

Doing some group projects together, listening to the others’ questions when visiting a company, or simply enjoying a good meal together, allowed me to get a lot of insights on the Chinese culture which I enjoyed a lot. During our stay in Shanghai, we got the chance to visit swissnex China. At the end of their presentation I turned to my friend saying “how awesome would it be to do an internship here!” An idea that kept being on my mind until May 2015, when I finally decided to give it a try… A successful try.

Going into the densely populated city for two weeks when everything is handled by your university is quite different from actually moving there. While I was preparing Yefei’s venue at my place, he was my contact person number one to get me ready for my five months in China. Landing in Shanghai, I have been warmly welcomed by his family at the airport. I can count on Yefei anytime I have a question.

This summer brought me new perspectives, new friends, new knowledge, new career opportunities… and the discoveries are still going on.

Under the support of swissnex China, this Sino-Swiss summer university in business administration now has developed into a series student exchange programs between various schools of HES-SO and universities in Shanghai. All initiatives is led by the Higher Education Board of Canton of Vaud. More information can be found at here.