Venture Leaders China 2020 Virtual Demo Days | 线上路演

Venture Leaders China, the Swiss National Startup Team composed of ten Swiss Deeptech startups, will get the chance to engage with Chinese investors, mentors, experts, and potential business partners to pitch their ideas and raise funds.

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[Online] September 14 and 15, 2020


Free, RSVP required (links below) | 免费,需预约(链接如下)

Take the chance to experience 10 Swiss top-notch startups from the fields of Agritech, Foodtech, Cleantech, Biotech, Medtech and Instruments. The startups are divided into two groups in order to better address the interested parties. You can find more details about the startups here.


【How to attend】

Group 1: Agritech, Foodtech, Cleantech | 项目组1:农业科技、食品科技、清洁技术 – RSVP HERE

Sept 14, 15:00 – 16:30 (GMT+8)

Group 2: Biotech, Medtech, Instruments | 项目组2:生物技术、医疗技术、仪器设备 – RSVP HERE

Sept 15, 15:00 – 16:30 (GMT+8)



15:00 – 15:05 Welcoming Speech | 欢迎致辞

15:05 – 15:55 Startup presentation | 企业路演

15:55 – 16:25 Audience Q&A |  观众问答

16:25 – 16:30 Closing Speech | 结束语


【 Language】

English & 中文同传


Startup Information | 企业介绍


Group 1: Agritech, Foodtech, Cleantech

AgroSustain SA | Olga Dubey | Nyon | We replace chemicals with biological fungicides

AgroSustain develops and brings to market efficient biological crop protection products that can be used all along the food chain, aiming to replace conventional products while eliminating negative impacts on the environment.

Bluetector AG | David Din | Root | Manure treatment

Bluetector has developed a purely biological treatment of manure: turning it into water. The treated water is ideal for irrigation, addressing the increasing scarcity for agricultural usage while solving the global difficulties managing manure volumes.

Daphne Technology SA | Mario Michan | Saint-Sulpice | Enabling air pollution control with nanotechnology

Daphne Technology enables commercial ship owners and operators to comply with existing and upcoming marine air emission regulations while reducing their environmental impact and increasing their competitiveness by simultaneously removing NOx and SOx from exhaust gas and producing valuable fertilizer.

NEMIS Technologies | Arnaud Muller | Dübendorf | Breakthrough technology transforms the diagnostic market

NEMIS’ breakthrough technology transforms the diagnostic market with its rapid, easy-to-use point-of-care pathogenic bacteria detection solution in the fields of food safety, clinical diagnostics, water safety, and animal health.

SwissDeCode AG | Gianpaolo Rando | Renens | Secure and build trust in the global food supply chain

SwissDeCode helps food manufacturers to grow and produce high-quality food by offering real-time certification of products and premises with a simple DNA detection platform. Its accredited processes test for specific target DNA, providing actionable results in 30 minutes.


Group 2: Biotech, Medtech, Instruments

Elthera AG | Anne Schmidt | Schlieren | Tailored cancer therapies

Elthera develops antibody therapies for the treatment of cancer, using two approaches for an enhanced anti-cancer effect by distinct mechanisms of action: a T cell engaging bispecific antibody and an antibody-drug conjugate for targeted tumor-cell killing.

Kemiex AG | Oriol Saludes | Zurich | Online B2B marketplace for active pharmaceutical ingredients

Kemiex’ trading and information platform for raw materials in life-science industries connects buyers and sellers to a network of reliable companies and provides unique market insights over its specialized B2B marketplace.

PB&B SA | Anthony Aho | Lausanne | Facial & body remodeling technology for aesthetic doctors

PB&B is developing a new generation of fillers and soft tissue remodeling injections for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The patented technology stimulates a patient’s soft tissues in situ to naturally gain volume with locally delivered lipids.

Positrigo AG | Jannis Fischer | Zurich | Cost-effective functional brain imaging for everyone

Positrigo’s vision is to image everyone and offers innovative solutions for providing functional brain positron emission tomography scans to the masses, with a first focus on the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Scientific Visual SA | Frederic Falise | Renens | Automated quality inspection in industrial crystals

Scientific Visual’s technologies improve the quality and processing speed of raw semiconductor substrates by objectively identifying and quantifying internal defects prior to the expensive transformation into wafers.


Venture Leaders China 2020


The best of Swiss Deeptech is coming to China

Marked by the seventh edition facilitating connections between Swiss startups and Chinese investors, mentors, experts, and potential partners, swissnex China is proud to be accompanying a high-quality delegation of top Swiss startups in China for a 10-day intensive roadshow, including pitching and networking sessions, where the entrepreneurs will showcase Switzerland’s innovative technologies. The program offers the entrepreneurs multiple sessions with China’s experts and leaders to give them insights into entering the world’s fastest-growing innovation market. Due to Covid-19, the Venture Leaders China team will first meet us virtually in September.


Meet the Winners of Venture Leaders China 2020

Chosen by a jury of experts and investors, Venture Leaders China 2020 comprises of top Swiss startups providing solutions that improve a wide range of fields, including crop protection, compliance with marine air emission regulations, antibody therapy for cancer, and the quality and processing speed of raw semiconductor substrates.



About Venture Leaders

The Venture Leaders – members of the Swiss National Startup Team – have a clear goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. Venturelab has 15 years of experience bringing Switzerland’s best entrepreneurs to the heart of technology hotspots: Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Barcelona, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Companies founded by the 415 Venture Leaders alumni have created more than 3,500 jobs and raised more than CHF 2.1 billion in capital.

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Venture Leaders China is co-organized by Venturelab and swissnex China, and supported by EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Canton de Vaud, VISCHER and the Canton of Zurich.



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