The Future of Ageing in Switzerland and China: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Panel discussion and networking reception for experts from Swiss universities of applied sciences and their Chinese colleagues.

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Residence of Ambassador, Embassy of Switzerland
3 Sanlitun East 5th St, Chaoyang, Beijing, China


October 17, 2016 from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm


Free but RSVP is required

The Embassy of Switzerland in China is delighted to welcome a delegation from Swiss universities of applied sciences consisting of experts in the area of ageing for a panel discussion and reception with respective Chinese colleagues on the Topic: “The Future of Ageing in Switzerland and China: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities.

In order to promote mutual understanding of the topic within the Chinese context and to facilitate cooperation between our two countries on ageing, we would like to invite you and other professionals working in ageing-related fields to join the panel discussion, to be held at the Residence of the Swiss Embassy in Beijing on 17 October 2016.





17.00 Arrival and registration

17.30 Opening

17.40 Welcome speech by H.E. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland to China

18.00 Key note speech: Healthy Ageing in China TBC

18.30 Panel discussion «The Future of Ageing in Switzerland and China: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities»

19.30 End of panel

19.30 Reception

21.00 End of reception



17.00 注册

17.30 活动正式开始

17.40 瑞士驻华大使戴尚贤阁下致欢迎词

18.00 主题演讲:健康老龄化在中国

18.30 论坛讨论:《瑞士和中国的老龄化未来:趋势,挑战和机遇》

19.30 论坛结束

19.30 招待会

21.00 活动结束


About the Panel Discussion

“With the right policies and services in place, population ageing can be viewed as a rich new opportunity for both individuals and societies.” — Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General, World Health Organization, in the Preface to the 2015 World Report on Ageing and Health

Our global society is already the oldest in the history of mankind. In less than 35 years, nearly 50 countries will be super-aged, joining Japan, where already more than 30% of the population is over 60. Besides the general concerns of the socioeconomic effects of this trend and the ability of countries to provide sufficient support for their elderly populations, it also offers opportunities, especially for businesses. This panel discussion is seeking to identify common challenges, research and technology trends as well as collaboration opportunities for Switzerland and China towards healthier ageing.



“配以恰当的政策和服务,人口老龄化可以成为个人和社会新的良好机遇。” — Margaret Chen 博士,世界卫生组织,2015老龄化和健康全球报告前言。



Key note speech speaker: Mrs. LIU Fang

Mrs. Liu Fang, Deputy Director of China Research Center on Aging, Associate Editor-in-Chief of Ageing Research. Mrs. LIU has more than 20 years’ experience on research management, human resource, international cooperation and ageing research. She translated publications such as Elderly Crime and Prevention, Health and Medical Care of China Urban and Rural Elderly Population. She was the editor-in-chief of several blue books such as Hong Kong Elderly policy, Study on the risk of elderly care of sing-child family, China elderly care industry development report. She also organized the editing of China report of the development on livable environment for the elderly. Mrs. LIU has organized 4 times the conduction of China elderly living conditions survey, and organized the establishment of China ageing research basic database,  Elderly human efficacy laboratory.


Panel Discussion speakers


  • Ms.  LONGERICH Heidi, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Director of Institute of Nursing / Health Professions
  • LONGERICH Heidi 女士, 苏黎世应用科学大学, 医护学院主


  • Prof. VERLOO Henk, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Senior Researcher / Nursing Science
  • VERLOO Henk 教授, 瑞士西部应用科学大学, 护理学院高级研究员


  • Prof. PAN Yi, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor of Social Policy
  • 潘屹教授, 中国社科院, 社会政策教授


  • Mrs. YU Lixin, YYK Healthcare Management Co. Ltd, Founder and Chairwoman of Board
  • 余力新女士,医养康(北京)健康管理有限, 创始人/董事长


  • Mrs. WANG Ninie, Pinetree Senior Care Services, Co-Founder and CEO
  • 王燕妮女士, 青松康复, 创始人/首席执行官



Ms. Heidi Longerich is the director of the Institute of Nursing and the Vice Dean of the School of Health Professions of Zurich University of Applied Sciences. She was invited to build the School of Health Professions and the Institute of Nursing after she was responsible in the government of the Canton Zurich for the reengineering of the professional education for health professionals, such as Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Midwifery, Nursing and others. From 2000 to 2002, Mrs. Longerich was engaged at the Institute of Nursing, University of Basel, Switzerland in cooperation with the Royal College of Nursing London, Great Britain, in carrying out the Clinical Leadership Project. This program aimed to enable Nurse Leaders in transformational Leadership. Previously she was acting director of different acute care hospitals in and around the City of Zurich.


Prof. VERLOO Henk

Prof. Henk Verloo, hold a Masters in hospital sciences, tropical medicine, palliative care and PhD in nursing sciences and is ordinary professor at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and invited professor at the University of Lausanne at the faculty of Biology and Medicine where he teaches geriatric nursing care at the University Institute of Education and Care Research (IUFRS-UNIL). Prof. Verloo is also active as a clinical and research expert in the Department of old age psychiatry at the University Hospital of Lausanne. His research is focused on nursing interventions to improve delirium, cognitive impairment and frailty among hospitalized and home dwelling older adults. Current ongoing investigation projects includes Senior Living Lab, acceptability and use of gerontechnology among home dwelling older adults, informal caregivers and community health nurses with the aim to keep older adult as long as possible at home and the implementation of Evidence based-practice in healthcare settings.


Prof. PAN Yi

Prof. Yi Pan is a senior researcher of Social Policy in Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and a Prof. in graduate school of CASS. She is the deputy general secretary of Social Policy Centre of CASS and deputy general secretary of Social Welfare Academical Association of China. She graduated from Beijing University with a BA, and received her Mssc from University of Tampere, Finland and PhD from University of Cambridge, UK. She is a board member of the Committee of China Charity Alliance, a board member of Council in China Association of Gerontology and a board member of Committee in China Family Culture Academic Association. The fields of her researches are social policy, ideas and models of welfare state, social services and elderly care. Prof. Pan Yi was also a senior researcher in the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China more than ten years. She worked in DG. Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission EU on behalf of CASS in 2013.


Mrs.YU Lixin

Mrs. Lixin Yu is the CEO of Muze Group and Yyk (Beijing) Health Care Co. Ltd. She was also the founder of PISCES Healthcare. Mrs. YU has over 21 years of entrepreneurship experience in the application of software, hardware and system integration in healthcare industry, creating several success stories in the integration of health management and digital healthcare into smart city and smart community. “Smart community elderly care and healthcare coaching center” is a typical success story mobilizing innovative technologies and business models with available healthcare resource at community level. The center—as a comprehensive service platform—combines online and offline services to provide elderly daycare, chronic disease management and healthy lifestyle guidance to local residents.  Mrs. Yu holds a doctoral degree from Beijing Normal University and a master degree from International Technological University, California, USA. She serves in many government and social organizations, including Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Beijing Association of Female Entrepreneurs, etc.


Mrs. WANG Ninie

Mrs. Ninie Wang is the founder and CEO of Pinetree Care Group, the largest home healthcare services provider in China. She published various papers on long-term care service model and participated in drafting senior care industry standards and policy papers in China. She is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a member of Global Agenda Council on Ageing. and is a fellow of the China Fellowship Program and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. She was awarded “Excellent Young Scholar” by China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Ninie Wang holds an MBA from INSEAD France/Singapore.



RSVP 注册:

Should you be interested in joining the panel discussion and the reception, please RSVP by October 10th (Monday) via online registration: click here to register. Due to capacity limits, we encourage you to register early. All successfully registered guests will receive a confirmation email from the Embassy 1 week prior to the event. Access to the Embassy is only possible with a confirmation email.



Delegation Profile and Collaboration Interests


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For more information regarding the delegation, please contact 代表团事务联系人

Mr. Michael Waser, Deputy Head of Science, Technology and Education Section, Embassy of Switzerland in China

瑞士驻华大使馆科技与教育处 汪珂瑞先生


For more information regarding the reception, please contact 招待会事务联系人

Ms. JING Yuan, Science, Technology and Education Section, Embassy of Switzerland in China

瑞士驻华大使馆科技与教育处 井源女士