Swiss Day at Beihang University

北航瑞士日, 6月12日

Event Details


June 11, 2014


For Swiss people, the moon looks like Swiss cheese. For Chinese people, it certainly looks like moon cake. When China and Switzerland come together, how would the “moon cheese” taste like? swissnex China holds “Swiss Day” events to promote Swiss higher education and technology to the students and professors from first-class Chinese universities, while providing a platform for Swiss universities to present themselves and the Chinese alumni community of Swiss universities to exchange.

The first “Swiss Day” in Beijing will take place at Beihang University, the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It is an excellent university in many technical fields and a close academic partner of the Swiss Space Center at EPFL. The participants at the event will, among others, visit a few small exhibitions (CERN, the Swiss Space Center, pictures of the Swiss science photographer Fabian Oefner,…), attend a lecture from the President of the Swiss Academies Prof. Thierry Courvoisier, watch the Swiss movie Tutti Giù, interact with Swiss alumni, and take part at a quiz competition. This “Swiss Day”, balancing between knowledge and fun, will be the first of a long list.

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北京的第一次“瑞士日”将在北京航空航天大学举行。北航是中国首屈一指的高校,在许多技术领域都取得了杰出成绩。在航空航天领域,北航与洛桑联邦理工大学的瑞士空间中心也开展了较多学术合作。 除了参观小型展览以外(欧洲核子研究中心、瑞士空间中心、瑞士摄影师Fabian Oefner),游客还能够出席瑞士文理科学院院长Thierry Courvoisier 的讲座、观看瑞士电影(Tutti Giù)、和留瑞校友交流、参加有奖问答等。寓教于乐的“瑞士日”将由此拉开序幕,而在北航瑞士日之后,我们还将为您呈现更多精彩活动!