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A glance at swissnex China Booth at Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition

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August 27, 2013 - September 01, 2013

During this year’s  International Science & Art Exhibition, swissnex China will again present several creative projects.

Take a look and we warmly welcome you to see and interact with us at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from 28 Aug. to 1 Sep.


Swiss Style Reboot

New Perspectives for Information Design

Swiss graphic design from the mid-20th century stands out for its exceptional clarity. Its functional connection to content is a lesson for today’s designers of infographics and data visualizations.

This is a preview of Swiss Style Reboot, a traveling exhibition which premiered in Boston inJune and July 2013. It is curated by SwissInfographics, an initiative of the LargeNetwork press agency. The first edition of the exhibition was organized by swissnex Boston, Presence Switzerland and Northeastern University.


aaaiiirrr-open source air filter

aaaiiirr is an educational interactive art installation that showcases the improvement of existence and its connection to our immediate environment. The artists will be creating an indoor ecosystem that cleanses chemicals, creates oxygen, removes particles, while also improving health.



‘Overview’ is a conceptual technological device designed by Saoirse Higgins that suggests a way for us to deal with our future world. This project takes a look at our means to escape and explore the world from a new perspective. Astronauts call it the ‘overview’ effect. The ‘overview effect’ is a particular feeling of euphoria and profound connectedness experienced by astronauts looking back at the earth from space.


Sensitive Space

Urbanization is the backbone of China’s booming economics, however, it brings many problems as well – air pollution, food safety issue, and the losing touch of a city’s unique culture and personality, to na

me just a few. Sensitive Space aims to re-bond people’s connection with the city, to empower them as the true

constructor of their ideal world, and make them relook the city around them.


*aaaiiirrr, Overview, Sensitive Space are all from the Make+ Program supported by swissnex China.

Make+ is a non-profit art and technology program in Shanghai, China. Make+ program is dedicated to promote creative thinking applied to making, and exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts. We strive to create a new model of learning experience by collaborating, sharing, and making. We aim to build a community of like-minded creative individuals and organizations in China.

Practical Information:

Free Admission

Time: 9.00 – 16.30, 28 Aug. – 1 Sep., 9.00 – 15.00, 2 Sep.

Address:  swissnex China Booth (A14-16)

Shanghai Exhibition Center, No. 1000 Central Yan’an Rd