Presentation on Life Sciences Clusters in Europe

Life Sciences Clusters in Europe

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Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
781 Cai Lun Road, 3F (near Ha Lei Road), Shanghai, Shanghai China


April 18, 2013 from 6:00 am to 9:00 am

Life Sciences Clusters in Europe

Europe’s Life Sciences Industry is among the most advanced in the world. Leading global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices companies have important operations in Europe. They benefit from top rated universities, qualified workforce, top brand recognition and last but not least a very sophisticated and demanding consumer base. KPMG, in collaboration with Venture Valuation, swissnex China and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park  invites you to a presentation on Life Sciences Clusters in Europe.


– Welcome and Introduction by Zhangjiang Life Science Cluster

– Overview on the Life Sciences Clusters in the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France and the United Kingdom incl.  numbers and size of companies, research, development and manufacturing activities, financing environment, qualification of employees, etc. in the various countries

– A overview on different site selection factors relevant to evaluating locations in Europe for activities such as regional HQ’s, R+D and distribution such a flexibility of labor market, logistics, easiness of doing business, etc.

– An introduction into tax planning opportunities for Life Sciences companies from China wishing to enter or expand their presence in Europe via Greenfield or M&A activities such as Holding Regimes, Tax Efficient Supply Chain management, IP Management or Double Tax Treaties

– Testimonial by a Chinese Medtech company with presence in Europe and the U.S.

– Testimonial from an European Life Sciences company doing business in China

Language: English/Mandarin
Who should attend: Senior Executives from Life Sciences Companies, M&A experts, Venture  Capital, Researchers, Advisors, Legal and Tax experts, governmental officials.

For any question, please contact Ms. Zhu. Tel: +86 21 6235 1889



欧洲的生命科学产业在世界上一直处于领导地位,不少全球性的制药、生物工程、医疗器械企业都在欧洲设有经营机构。它们不但可以得益于当地一流的大学、员 工、品牌认知度,还拥有一个成熟而有需求的客户群体。 毕马威会计师事务所联合Venture Valuation、瑞士科技文化中心和张江高科技园区共邀您参与本次“欧洲生命科学集群”活动。

– 张江科技园生命科学集群致欢迎辞

– 概述荷兰、爱尔兰、瑞士、德国、法国和英国的生命科学集群,包括相关企业的数量及规模,研发制造活动,融资环境及员工资质。

– 概述欧洲差异化的地点评估因素,比如地区总部、研发部门、销售部门、物流部门的不同选址及其经营便利性。

– 介绍相关税收筹划计划,以帮助来自中国并希望进入欧洲市场的生命科学企业了解如何通 过开发新地或者企业并购活动,如控制管理权、税收高效的供应链管理、IP管理或双重税收条例,来扩大其影响力。

– 经验分享1 进入欧美市场的一家中国医疗技术公司

– 经验分享2 在中国经营的一家欧洲生命科学公司

语言: 英语、汉语
与会人员: 相关生命科学企业高级管理人员、企业并购专家、

联系人: 朱小姐 +86 21 6235 1889