Homes of Drones: The Sino-Swiss Drone Night

swissnex China will be hosting the ‘Homes of Drones: The Sino-Swiss Drone Night’ on September 7, connecting the Swiss and Chinese drone ecosystems, and bringing the best of both worlds together.

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September 06, 2018

swissnex China will be hosting the ‘Homes of Drones: The Sino-Swiss Drone Night’ on September 7, connecting the Swiss and Chinese drone ecosystems, and bringing the best of both worlds together.

The reasons behind Switzerland’s leading drone technology, for which it is often referred to Home of Drones, include the close cooperation between higher education institutions and companies, a big appetite for commercial drone applications and a flexible, un-bureaucratic regulatory system in support of the industry. Also, China is often referred to be the Home of Drone since the world’s leading drone firms are established in the country and drones are making their way more and more into people’s everyday life – thanks to their use in agriculture, transportation and entertainment.

This will bring together seven experts from Switzerland and China to share their knowledge and to have in depth discussions on the future trends in the drone industry and therefore strengthen the Sino-Swiss connections with regards to this booming industry.


Gary Mi 
Chief of Staff, Drone Racing League

Gary Mi, who graduated from MIT and Carnegie Mellon University, joined Drone Racing League (DRL) from a long history in the gaming space, where he helped companies formulate and execute a strategy for entering China. He joined DRL late 2017 as Chief of Staff and has been working closely with stakeholders and local partners to bring the sport of drone racing to China. An avid fan himself, Gary builds, flies and fixes drones in his spare time.



Keynote Speakers

Yanguang Liu
Head Business Development Center , JDX Lab Drone

Yanguang Liu, an innovator of logistic drone industry has rich experience in implementing innovative project and leading start-up team to success. She also plays an active role as Xi’an international consultant. Yanguang Liu has been working for since 2009, during 10 years, she has been leading many innovative projects. Yanguang Liu is pointed to lead JDX drone team since December 2015, in 3 years, the team has developed 3 product lines and multiple last-mile models. She leads JDX Drone to be the world’s first e-commerce application of drone.


Janick Mischler
Project Manager Development and Innovation, Swiss Post

Since 2015, Janick Mischler has been working for Swiss Post’s innovation & development department and developed potentially disruptive business cases with a strong focus on internet of things and self-operating systems. He is leading together with Andrea Marrazzo the autonomous delivery program striving for unmanned delivery solutions (drones, delivery robots) with the potential to dramatically change logistics. Before that, he had been working as a consultant conducting several projects in transportation and finance. He has a passion for the digitalization, quantum physics and has founded several start-ups.



Lukas Meier
COO & Co-Founder, Fixposition

Lukas Meier received his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich. During his studies, he focused on robotics where he gained profound knowledge in machine learning, control systems and computer vision. He brings in multiple years of experience in computer vision, visual navigation and collision avoidance on drones. In a 1 year Pioneer Fellowship at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab at ETH Zurich he deepened these skills, acquired business knowledge and finally met the other Co-Founders of Fixposition AG.



Kang Chen
Director of Commercial Solution Business, YUNEEC

Kang Chen drives strategic partnerships and sales of commercial drone business. He also oversees commercial product management since early 2016. Prior to joining YUNEEC, Kang Chen had been working in USA wireless industry in product management and business development roles for more than a decade. He holds a MSEE degree from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.



Philippe Leyvraz
Product Manager, Flyability

Philippe Leyvraz obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at EPFL (Lausanne). He was right-hand man to the director of HCT Shaping System, worked in GT Equipment on the development of HCT in the United States and later joined the Fribourg-based Frewitt company. Philippe was entrusted with the task of expanding the activities of Frewitt abroad and so he left with his family for Shanghai. In the last year of his three year long stay in China, he also developed activities for the Morat-based company DigiSens. Philippe joined the team of technology mentors at Alliance, was appointed Project Manager in the EPFL Vice-Presidency for Innovation and Technology transfer (VPIV), with the task of coordinating the implementation of the Swiss Innovation Park West, and joined Green Motion as Director of Technology Transfer, before he started working at Flyability.



Leon Zhao
COO & Co-Founder, Antwork

Leon Zhao graduated From Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Before co-founding Antwork, he was the director of Beijing Shinning Investment Co,. Ltd., worked in marketing at Yinhe Wind Power Co,. Ltd., was China Programme Manager at GL Garrad Hassan in England and did wind resource analyses at MS Techno in Spain.





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