Future of Money Series: Blockchain in FinTech

Blockchain is gaining momentum and grabbing public attention. Let’s share and compare Sino-Swiss perspectives around a panel discussion of top academics and opinion leaders!

Event Details


Embassy of Switzerland in China
Sanlitun Dongwujie 3, Beijing, 100600 China


July 06, 2018 from 8:30 am to 11:15 am Asia/Hong Kong (UTC+08:00)

After the first two editions of the future of money series in Hong-Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, the “Blockchain in FinTech” is coming very soon and will be held at the Embassy of Switzerland during the Swiss Innovation Week.

The rapid increase in digitalization is accelerating the development of FinTech and is forcing the finance and banking sector to innovate in the aftermath of the 2018 crisis. FinTech enables transactions that are smaller, higher-frequency, and more diversified. Switzerland is on the cutting-edge in this field. Blockchain is gaining momentum and grabbing public attention as a core technology for executing transactions on networks, as it provides internet users with the possibility of transferring pieces of digital property to each other. The Blockchain ensures that the transfer is safe and secure.

With a wealth of experts and the proliferation of blockchain startups across the FinTech space, Switzerland has quickly become a world-leading blockchain hub. A very supportive government, a dynamic ecosystem and high motivation are important drivers of Swiss innovation. On the other hand, China’s investment in this technology is unmatched by any others. In 2017, more than half of the Blockchain patents in the world were published by Chinese organizations.

However, developments around Blockchain in FinTech are still at an early stage and future progress may unlock many potential solutions.

Under such circumstances, swissnex China is proud to organize a conference as part of the Swiss Innovation Week at the Embassy of Switzerland. Let’s share and compare Sino-Swiss perspectives around a panel discussion of top academics and opinion leaders!

This event will bring together 4 to 5 experts from both the corporate and academic sides for knowledge sharing and in depth debates on the future trends in FinTech. It will strengthen the Sino-Swiss connections with regards to Blockchain.

This event will be followed by the Grande Reception of the Swiss Innovation Week (Speeches of Ambassador de Dardel and State Secretary of Education, Research and Innovation, Mr. Mauro Dell’Ambrogio – swissnex Dome and Birdly® attractions – Speed and Splash painting show by Swiss artist Corinne Sutter – Sound and light show by Swiss artist Pascal Yerly – Buffet).


4:30pm – Door opening
5:00pm – Panel discussion
6:15pm – Networking drink
7:30pm – Invitation to the Grande Reception



Liwei Wang
Senior Reporter at Caixin Media

Mr. Wang writes mainly on macroeconomics, finance, and International. He also conducts profile-type interviews with prominent figures. He has a Master’s degree in Management Science from Columbia University in the US and Bachelor’s degree from Nottingham University in the UK.



Prof. Elaine Shi
Blockchain scientist and Professor

Elaine Shi is scientist and Professor and a co-founder of IC3 and Thunder Token. She co-authored the first peer-reviewed publication on Bitcoin, and the first one on decentralised smart contracts.She has won numerous awards including a Packard Fellowship, a Sloan Fellowship, and ONR YIP award, and various best paper awards.


Prof. Dr. Ben Shenglin
Founder & Dean, Academy of Internet Finance, Zhejiang University

Writer of many FinTech articles and books, Dr. Shenglin is also a serial academic entrepreneur. He founded some of the leading academic institutions in China (International Monetary Institute, Academy of Internet Finance…) and worked for top-ranked financial services firms (ABN AMRO, HSBC, Morgan JP Chase as CEO China)


Daniel Haudenschild
CEO at Swisscom Blockchain

With 20 years of experience, he is an expert in understanding how to use new technologies in business and identifying their opportunities and pitfalls, especially in the FinTech industry.



Prof. Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand
Researcher and lecturer at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

He has broad experience as CEO and board member of different companies in the financial industry. He is currently working on a large FinTech study in Switzerland.



swissnex China at the Swiss Innovation Week

The Swiss Innovation Week 2018 is a series of events focusing on innovation and digitalization: The goal is to showcase the potential of the Sino-Swiss Innovative Strategic Partnership, a pledge signed by both countries in April 2016 to deepen industrial and cultural cooperation. Thus, during the week, we will highlight Swiss innovation in a variety of fields and promote the country’s leading innovative capabilities and the high living standards enhanced by cutting-edge technologies, bringing digitalization closer to everyday life.

We expect certain synergies with a multitude of other attractions such as the swissnex Dome (360° specialization of images and sounds) and Birdly® (VR flying experience).



Please note that this event is primarily targeted to an audience of blockchain/fintech industry affiliates. However, everyone is welcome to register and explain their motivation to join the event. A formal invitation will be sent upon approval of registration.