[Webinar] Fireside Chat: Build an Empowering Business Ecosystem with Lucas Rondez

The founder & CEO of nihub will give us valuable insights into his career, entrepreneurship and the potential of an “open ecosystem”.

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March 31, 2020, 18:30 - 19:50 (GMT+8)


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In the West, everything is easy but nothing is possible. In China, everything is difficult but nothing is impossible.

What is written as a catch phrase on the homepage of nihub Innovation Center is meant sincerely. Without experience and knowledge of the market or the local language, China can be difficult to work in or with. However, the Chinese market is a landscape of unlimited, exciting opportunities that is second to none.

This is where nihub’s mission comes in: Their network, knowledge and experience are a support for a growing number of ambitious start-ups. nihub Innovation Center was founded in 2017 by Lucas Rondez from Switzerland. In the last two years, he and his team of six have helped more than 50 startups from Europe, USA, Israel, and other countries around the world to gain a foothold in China.

With the name component “ni”, which means “you” in Chinese, nihub is committed to providing advice tailored to specific needs. Their services range from business registration, investment or mentorship to scouting technologies and accelerate startups.

In collaboration with nihub and SwissCham, swissnex China presents a Fireside Chat (webinar) about Lucas Rondez and his entrepreneurial career. Lucas will share his background, his experiences, his failures, his decision to challenge himself, the use of the ecosystem to grow, and his knowledge about “open-ecosystem” to focus on innovation.

Event Rundown


18:30-18:35 Welcome Speech

by Dr. Felix Moesner, Science Consul & CEO, swissnex China

18:35-19:35 Presentation

by Lucas Rondez, Founder & CEO, nihub

19:35-19:50 Q&A


About the Speaker

Lucas Rondez
Founder & CEO, nihub

Lucas is the founder and CEO of nihub Innovation Center & Startup Accelerator & Incubator. nihub is Lucas’ most recent company, based in Hangzhou, aiming to assist foreign startups and companies with starting up, scaling, and succeeding in the Chinese market. Luca’s achievements as a successful foreign entrepreneur in Hangzhou were recognized with the granting of the Green Card in China.

Lucas previously founded nihao app, an internet company. It was here where Lucas experienced and overcame numerous obstacles of a foreign-run startup in China, discovering his passion in startup facilitation and incubation.

He has over fifteen years of experience, almost exclusively in the financial services industry. He worked one year at Ping’ an Private Bank, and more than five years at Bank of Hangzhou Private Banking. Prior to that Lucas was in the Wealth Management division at UBS, catering to both Swiss and international clients.

In his free time, Lucas enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with friends & family.

Event organized by swissnex China in collaboration with nihub and SwissCham:


nihub is an international innovation center that provides one-stop entrepreneurial service in both Hangzhou and Qingdao. In order to help foreign entrepreneurs to develop in the Chinese market, nihub focuses on introducing high-quality overseas companies and projects to land in China. Furthermore, nihub is committed to building an open, efficient, and dynamic international innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, along with actively facilitating international talents, foreign investment, international exchanges and project talent services.



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