Escalade 2015

The third edition of this Geneva celebration is coming!

Event Details


Geneva Restaurant
1876A Hami Road, Changning District, Shanghai, Shanghai China


December 08, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Asia/Shanghai (UTC+08:00)


Invited Only

Let’s go back together to 1602 in Geneva, when the Savoy country attacked the city by surprise. Geneva’s victory is in part due to La Mère Royaume (the super grandma) who is considered as a legend as she poured boiling hot vegetable soup on soldiers climbing (“Escalade” in French) up the walls of the city. If you want to find more about the Escalade’s history click here.
During this family celebration you will connect with young talents from China, citizens and friends of Switzerland. To properly celebrate the ESCALADE, some Raclette will be offered to welcome you; the famous Escalade short distance running race will take place to warm you up; the chocolate Marmite will be broken to be shared; some typical Swiss food and wine will whet your appetite; and many more surprises will be waiting for you.

This event is invited only, if you would like to request an invitation, please contact 


6:00 pm            Beginning of the Escalade – Apero
7:00 pm            Short run around the block (1km)
7:30 pm            Swiss Buffet opening
10:00 pm          Official End

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