ECAL Portfolio Review


Event Details


swissnex China office
22F, Building A, Far East International Plaza, 319 XianXia Road, Shanghai, China


March 06, 2015 from 2:30 am to 4:30 am Asia/Shanghai (UTC+08:00)

Dear designers, students & friends,
We are glad to invite you to join the event, Professor Nicolas Le Moigne from ECAL will review the portfolio of Chinese designers and students who are interested in their MAS program, and answer a few questions. Please remember to take your portfolio with you!

我们非常有幸的邀请您参加”ECAL奢侈品设计与工艺高级专业硕士项目咨询暨奢侈品设计作品点评”活动。此次活动将由来自ECAL的Nicolas Le Moigne教授主持,他将为有兴趣申请ECAL 奢侈品设计与工艺高级专业硕士项目的学生和设计师们点评设计作品集,交流设计方面的心得和体会。请您带上您的作品集,准时参加!

时间 Time:2015年3月6日; 10:30 am – 12:30 am

地点 Venue: 瑞士科技文化中心(仙霞路319远东国际广场A座22层);
Swissnex China (2210, Building A, Far East International Plaza 319 Xianxia Road No.319)


Switzerland is a privileged country in terms of know-how in the field of luxury and craftsmanship. Building on this tradition, this Master of Advanced Studies is for the holders of a Bachelor or Master’s degree wishing to further their knowledge in industrial design and investigate sectors of excellence as diverse as fine watch-making, tableware or specific techniques using noble materials.

Through collaborations with prestigious brands (some with century-old heritage) and workshops provided by designers of the international scene, students experiment all production stages: from designing an object to its completion, via 3D rendering models or photography. They also have the benefit of brand identity analyses and conferences delivered by experts in the field, as well as tours of luxury goods manufacturers. Many projects are singled out by partner companies to be produced, exhibited and published in the international press.

After one year at ECAL, the students are able to submit a varied portfolio to the highest professional standards. Highly sought after by international agencies and world-leading companies, they also often have the opportunity of simultaneously establishing their own business. Graduates are frequently offered internship opportunities right at the end of their curriculum – often leading to steady employment.