China FinMaker Competition

China FinMaker Competition is looking for innovative Swiss FinTech startups!  

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Unnamed Venue
Hangzhou, China


March 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018

China FinMaker Competition is looking for innovative Swiss FinTech startups!  

China FinMaker Competition, a pioneering FinTech competition in China focusing on cutting-edge financial technologies, is looking for 10 innovative FinTech startups to join their upcoming competition held in March in Hangzhou. The event gathers major stakeholders from the Chinese FinTech scene and aims to discover promising FinTech start-ups, facilitate business/investment in FinTech. The upcoming event is co-organized with the Municipal Government of Hangzhou. Startups have opportunity to receive RMB 200,000 (approx.. 30,000 Swiss Franc) cash prize.

Initiated in 2017, the China FinMaker Competition have organized three editions. The competitions achieved impressive success. Previous events saw over 200 participating projects, 50+ jury members from top-tier VCs, tech companies, and financial institutions, and 30+ event partners.


China FinMaker Competition

Hangzhou | March 24~25, 2018

The next China FinMaker Competition will take place in Hangzhou, one of the major FinTech, economic, innovations hubs in China. This time, it will be a Grand Competition – all winners of the previous events in 2017 will take part to compete with the new teams for the grand prizes. What’s more, there will be a special segment for international FinTech. In total, 10 international startups from around the world will be invited to pitch and have the chance to win a RMB 200,000 cash prize.

The Hangzhou China FinMaker Competition is hosted by the Municipal Government of Hangzhou in collaboration with a wide range of private sector and media partners.


Application & Selection Criteria

  • Financial services providers, startups, individual entrepreneurs/ inventors/ researchers working in the FinTech space from all countries are eligible to apply
  • We are most interested in FinTech innovations applying Blockchain, Big Data, VR / AR, and Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • We are particularly interested in fintech solutions for: Risk Prevention Management, Big Data Credit, Supply Chain Finance, SME Financing, Asset Securitization, Payments, Smart Banking, Smart Investment and Securities Insurance Funds
  • Projects with independent IP rights are given priority


Application Deadline

February 28, 2018

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