Come join us at #SWISSTECH PITCHING NIGHT! The evening offers you the special opportunity to discover 22 top-level Swiss startups from the CES ASIA 2019 in a relaxed setting.

Event Details


June 12, 2019 from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm Asia/Shanghai (UTC+08:00)


Free. RSVP required.

Come join us at #SWISSTECH PITCHING NIGHT on June 12!


The evening offers you the special opportunity to discover 22 top-level Swiss startups from the CES ASIA 2019 in a personal setting. During the 60 second pitch, each startup will present itself and be able to showcase its products. The young deep-tech companies operate in fields such as AI, IoT, AR, Blockchain, Lifestyle, Robotics & Drones and HealthTech.

The subsequent networking event enables you to meet the entrepreneurs and obtain further information while enjoying a glass of wine.

#SWISSTECH PITCHING NIGHT is organized by swissnex China in partnership with PwC and Swisscom. Click here to learn more about our #SWISSTECH Pavilion at CES ASIA 2019.


Meet our CES ASIA 2019 #SwissTech Startups


ActLight | Roberto Magnifico | www.act-light.com | IoT

ActLight developed a disruptive technology in the field of light sensors. The patented, CMOS based Dynamic PhotoDiode substantially improves the efficiency and accuracy of various light sensing applications, like depth sensing for user detection and face recognition in smartphones, Vital Signs Monitoring in wearables, 3D cameras and more.

aiCTX | Ning Qiao | www.aictx.ai | AI

aiCTX is a leading-edge neuromorphic computing company, based on ground-breaking advances developed at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (University of Zurich, ETH Zurich). It provides dedicated full-stack solutions, with processors achieving ultra-low- power consumption and ultra-low-latency performance.

AVAtronics | Jeyran Hezaveh | www.avatronics.com | IoT

AVAtronics has developed a breakthrough, high performance, wideband Digital Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology that minimizes unwanted/disruptive audio noise for applications in phones, conferencing units, smart TVs, smart speakers, headphones, hearing aid, automotive and more.

be.care | Nicolas Bourdillon | www.becare.swiss | Health & Sports

be.care’s inCORPUS app is a unique non-invasive methodology evaluating the user’s health status and proposing remediations. It relies on heart rate variability as starting point to assess the health status. The team is comprised of world-renowned experts that have been conducting research on elite athletes for 20 years.

CertX | Jens Henkner | www.certx.com | Autonomous Systems

CertX is worldwide among the first certification bodies for functional safety and cyber-security. It offers product and processes certification according to the latest standards, as well as staff training, delivering expertise in domains such as cyber-security, industrial machinery and robotics, automotive and railway.

Deep Cube | Matt Morawski | www.deepcube.ch | AI

Artificial intelligence technologies for healthcare diagnosis in real time. AI for oncology, biology, neurosciences and ophthalmology. Embedded AI for med tech imaging devices using AI models on chips for real time diagnosis. New PaaS Cloud platform answers the need for collective intelligence in medical diagnosis and provides AI education for doctors.

fastree 3D | Roland Mattis | www.fastree3d.com | Vehicle Technology

Fastree3D is a Swiss Fabless Semiconductor Deep-tech Start-up, developing next generation 3D sensors for automotive and industrial applications. Our product is a unique Flash LiDAR system, on a single CMOS chip, for mass markets,  10 times faster, smaller and cheaper than any competitor and providing a critical solution for the success of ADAS, Robotaxis and industrial automation.

Fixposition | Zhenzhong Su | www.fixposition.com | Drones & Robotics

Fixposition provides robust high accuracy navigation and positioning solutions for autonomous vehicles, including drones, robots and self-driving cars, with already 5 paying B2B customers. Fixposition is an ETH spinoff, currently incubated by the European Space Agency Business incubation center.

Flybotix | Samir Bouabdallah | www.flybotix.com | Drones & Robotics

Drones adoption for industrial inspection has started, but flight time is still a strong limitation. Flybotix technology aims to double the flight time of compact drones. The technology allows to build a 350mm, dual rotor, collision tolerant drone without any servo motors. The technology is usable in virtually any drone application.

Foodcoin Group | Gregory Arzumanian | www.foodcoin.io | Blockchain

FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM (FCE) is a blockchain for global food and agriculture, digitizing the global food market. It solves three fundamental issues of the food industry: Food supply chain traceability, reduction of the administrative costs by eliminating the middlemen, direct marketing and communication with end users.

holo|one | Dominik Trost | www.holo-one.com | AR

holo|one is a Swiss startup that has developed the world’s first Augmented Reality platform solution (sphere) for the B2B market. After a Seed Investment of 1.2m USD, the product already underwent 3 paid PoCs at companies such as AIRBUS and is now on the market with the first customers paying licensing fees.

iniVation | Christy Aerne | www.inivation.com | AI

iniVation is developing neuromorphic vision systems. The bio- inspired intelligent technology offers unprecedented advantages over conventional machine vision systems: ultra-low response latency, low data rates, high dynamic range and ultra-low power consumption.

Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design | Roger Seeberger | www.jinn-bot.com | Drones & Robotics

Jinn-Bot today develops humanoid robots that can compete internationally. By using a 3D-Printing technique, the robots are custom-made and locally produced, according to individual customer requirements. Decentralized (local) Manufacturing & Service next to the customer.

Mercury Kinetics | Martin Kawalski | www.snowcookiesports.com | Health & Sports

Mercury Kinetics AG created Snowcookie, a connected sports platform. Using a hardware/software solution, it enables people to improve their skiing technique in 2-3 days by providing actionable guidance to both amateurs and professionals. Safety features like muscle fatigue monitoring reduce the risk of injuries.

Modulos | Kevin Schawinksi | www.modulos.ai | AI

Modulos develops an automated machine learning platform to learn and deploy the latest AI models. Given data, everything from data cleaning, to model selection and architecture search, to quality control is automated. Modulos is an ETH Zurich spinoff, comprised of ETH professors and researchers in AI and machine learning.

Rovenso | Thomas Estier | www.rovenso.com | Drones & Robotics

Rovenso develops agile robots that perform security and safety monitoring of industrial sites. They patrol fully autonomously in and around buildings, detecting intrusions, thefts and safety anomalies that can cause fires or liquid and gas leaks. Rovenso is a Swiss startup of EPFL, based in Switzerland with offices in Shenzhen.

Shift Cryptosecurity | Elvis Požek | www.shiftcrypto.ch | Blockchain

Founded in 2015 as a spinoff of ETH Zurich, Shift Cryptosecurity’s aim is to become the premier crypto engineering company in the world by building solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Shift targets both individuals and businesses with its flagship product, the BitBox, available in over 100 countries.

SOMNIACS | Lazar Tosic | www.birdly.com | AR

SOMNIACS is an immersive technology company – at the forefront of virtual reality. Founded in 2015 to support the commercial rollout of Birdly® products, SOMNIACS develops next generation VR immersive experiences. BIRDLY® was created in 2013 as a design research project at the Zürich University of the Arts.

Spectroplast | Manuel Schaffner | www.spectroplast.com | IoT

As the World’s 1st, Spectroplast introduces Silicones to the World of Additive Manufacturing. They manufacture high precision, true silicone parts for applications ranging from sealing solutions to life- enhancing medical products. No moulds are required, cutting costs and time.

Tombooks | Alexis Steinmann | www.tomplay.com | Music

Tomplay interactive scores allow musicians to play along with an orchestra. Controlling the tempo of the music, looping selected passages and recording yourself makes music learning a unique and exciting experience. With 12’000 scores available, it is used by more than 400,000 musicians in 50 countries.

Verity Studios | Katie Montgomerie | www.veritystudios.com | Drones & Robotics

Verity Studios has a passion for bringing technology and the arts together to create something people have never seen before. Drone technology can fundamentally transform the live events experience. Verity is committed to developing technology that is easy to use, reliable and safe for events all over the world. Verity’s drones have flown in more than 20 countries and were featured at this year’s CCTV New Year’s Gala (1 billion viewers).

xFarm | Matteo Vanotti | www.xfarm.ag | IoT

The increasing farming regulations and consumer attention to the origin of the food they eat create new challenges for farmers. xFarm is a platform created by a farmer to leverage data. Collecting and analyzing data reduces paperwork and increases efficiency, sustainability and traceability of agricultural products.