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Recent projects by dl-a / Devanthery & Lamuniere, Architects, Geneva, Switzerland

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October 19, 2013

 Inès Lamunière and her partner Patrick Devanthery are founding partners of dl-a designlab-architecture, a leading architectural firm based in Geneva. Their buildings and design show a strong attachment to context and sustainability at all scales, transforming these themes into fully poetic atmospheres. Amongst their recent projects, the just completed Opera House for Lausanne (shown as below) has received general applause. Their projects and buildings have been exhibited and wildly published, for the quality of their unique contribution Architecture in Switzerland they received the Meret Oppenheim Prize for the Arts in 2011.

Ines Lamuniere will exemplify the attitude of dl-a, / Devanthery & Lamuniere, in architecture by two of their most recent projects for city centers in Switzerland. The Opera House in Lausanne, the national TV Tower in Geneva and other projects still in design phase will be discussed, presenting innovative relationships between the notion of “urban” architecture and its specific atmospheres, in relationship to the question of “image”, program and construction.