Art x Science Dialogues: Photography x Environmental Ecology

We have invited creative studio Compáz from Switzerland and Yining He, writer and curator from China for a dialogue on Photography x Environmental Ecology.

Event Details


Zoom Webinar


[Online] July 2, 2020, 18:00-19:00 (China) / 12:00-13:00 (Switzerland)


Free Webinar, RSVP Required

Today, environmental concerns are some of the most pressing issues faced by the society. During the third Art x Science Dialogue, we’ll bring Photography x Environmental Ecology into our focus and present projects created from research laboratory to life through art and photography. We’ve invited Ms. Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi, Scientist & Researcher on Solar Energy, Founder of Compáz Studio, Mr. Lats Kladny, Co-founder of Compaz Studio and Ms. Yining He, writer and curator on photography for a collaborative dialogue.

We’ll discuss environmental ecology in the art and photography field and try to explore new possibilities by combining science, technology and photography to bring to environmental revolution in the context of globalization.


        Photo-Synthesis by Compáz Studio


Event Rundown


18:00 Webinar Starts
18:00-18:05 Opening Remarks
Cissy Sun

Head of Art-Science at swissnex China

18:05-18:25 Presentation – Where Art and Science Meet
Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi & Lats Kladny

Co-founders of Compáz Studio

18:25-18:40 Presentation – From Waters to Mountains: Three Environmental Ecological Projects from Sino-Swiss Photographers
Yining He

Writer & Curator

18:40-19:00 Discussion, Q&A


        Exhibition curated by Yining He



Ms. Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi

Founder of Compáz Studio


Laure is an accomplished scientist, as a former manager at the Photovoltaic division of CSEM, she considers herself to be a passionate and committed researcher. She is driven by studying the impact technology has on our society and how we relate to it’s ever increasing importance in our daily lives.



Mr. Lats Kladny
Co-Founder of Compáz Studio 


Founding member of Compáz and Founder-CEO of Inox Communication, Lats has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. His journey is marked by many successes, both local and international by lending his talents to companies in order inform their digital transformation and to enhance their strategic positioning in a globalized world. He is a contemporary art lover, passionate about new technological innovations and emerging economical revolutions. He seeks to create an ideal world where there is a harmony of mobility, technology, good business practices and strong ethical values.



Ms. Yining He
Writer & Curator


He Yining (1986), curator and writer of photography, graduate of London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. In 2010, she began to work as a curator, translator, and writer specializing in photography and visual culture. Her work is principally focused on the way in which photography is able to freely straddle the boundaries of fine art, responding to and raising questions about contemporary and historical social issues through effective, diverse, and interdisciplinary means. In early 2014, He Yining launched the Go East Project, which aims to promote contemporary Chinese photography in the West through blogs, exhibitions, and publications. Yining’s exhibitions have been held in museums, art spaces, and photography festivals in China and Europe.



Compáz seeks to bring out the beauty of the environment, the interaction between man and nature, demonstrate that there is hope.

Compáz is a collective of scientific and artistic skills, an incubator of ideas that seeks to create, produce and promote projects that will assist social progress. The projects of Compáz are spaces designed to allow for questioning big ideas about society. They are spaces that allow for a growth in consciousness, a different way of looking and conceiving of the world.



Art x Science Dialogues is a new webinar series initiated by swissnex China in 2020. It will take place once per month from May to August via Zoom, covering topics of Design x Materials Science, Sonic Arts x Neuroscience, Photography x Environmental Ecology, and New interdisciplinary Initiatives. To view past events, please access here.