Solar Impulse Visits China to Promote Eco-Friendly Solutions

The Solar Impulse Foundation, after its successful completion of the first round-the-world solar flight, has launched the #1000Solutions Challenge, which aims to select, label and promote 1000 solutions for a more sustainable world. The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is founded by Mr Bertrand Piccard, who is visiting Shanghai from May 27 – June 2 to meet the key-players in innovation to participate in the #1000 solutions challenge. These solutions to protect the environment will be presented by the foundation’s founder Mr Piccard at the COP24 in December 2018 to policy makers and business leaders across the world.

Why China?

Investment in renewable energy continues to grow at a record pace as countries look to move away from fossil fuel-based power production to eco-friendly generation. Motivated by its increasing pollution problems, China has taken an active role and become a leader in the development and implementation of clean technologies. Over half of world’s new solar capacity is in China.

Considering the country’s important role, the Solar Impulse Foundation wants to make sure China is well represented in the solar-impulse ecosystem and so that Chinese solutions can join this movement.

Aside from identifying and promoting innovations from China, the Solar Impulse Foundation seeks to develop strong collaborative relationships in China with:

  • Institutions that seek to promote or implement clean technologies
  • Organisations within the innovation ecosystem such as research institutes, incubators, startup clusters and innovative corporates
  • Media


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