Month: May 2018

Come explore the Swiss Startup Pavilion at CES Asia 2018!

Date: June 13-15, 2018

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) + Kerry Hotel, Shanghai

There is less than a month to go before CES Asia begins and swissnex China is proud to announce that it will be hosting a Startup Pavilion at the world-renowned Technology Fair with 7 top Swiss startups.

Join us at the event from June 13 to June 15 and come see what our selection of Swiss Startups has to offer! If you are affiliated with the consumer technology industry, you may use this Invitation Priority Code “e_1045_Cf0iTv6K” to get a free entrance to the event (the code expires after June 12). Please note that CES Asia is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or older affiliated with the consumer technology industry. Consumers and visitors 18 years of age or older who are not affiliated with the consumer technology industry are permitted to attend on Friday, June 15 only.

We look forward to seeing you at our swissnex China Pavilion at CES Asia! Find us at Hall N4/Booth 4472

Pitching Event

On June 12, 1 day prior to CES Asia, swissnex China will host a pitching event to help the startups connect with a targeted audience. If you are interested in participating, please write to for more details. Spots are limited.

Startups @ swissnex China Pavilion


Biowatch is a user-friendly wrist veins biometric reader that functions as a security solution for mobile payment protection and smart device interaction. Users can access the app for enrolling their vein pattern and selecting applications and devices that need to be connected to their Biowatch, wear their BioWatch and activate it by matching their vein pattern with their enrolled reference, get PKI encrypted user code transmitted from their Biowatch, and start opening doors without the use of keys and passwords.


Kenzen creates personal health wearables to support its users in all dimensions of health, including wellness, activities, 3D motion, and performance. The company provides its clients with a variety of personal health monitors that report data in real time to smartphone devices. Through its data, Kenzen aims to enable individuals to make critical decisions in training and competitions. Its primary product, Kenzen ECHO, is a small, flexible patch that helps its users understand their physiology, and get personalized health insights and notifications to help improve performance, recovery, and prevent injury.


Myotest provides personalized smart coaching software and services for runners to achieve their performance goals confidently, improve their efficiency, and select the right shoes, based on their own unique physiology. Wearable device manufacturers license Myotest software and services for their next-generation wearables. Manufacturers load the Myotest Embedded Software Libraries on wearable devices with an accelerometer, and their running apps access Smart Coach features as well as historical and related Biomechanics data from the Myotest Smart Coach Service in the cloud.


SoFlow, a leader in e-mobility products, has created a unique line of electric ride-ons made according to Swiss quality standards. SoFlow offers riding solutions for people who want uncomplicated, environmental friendly, reliable ways to get from point A to point B. The product range offers e-boards, scooters and pads providing fun and innovative transportation.


ScanTrust is a leading provider of secure cloud-based product authentication and supply chain traceability solutions focused on ensuring every person is able to know if the products they use are genuine or not. By combining industry leading secure 2D barcodes with a comprehensive software suite, ScanTrust helps empower brand owners to leverage their packaging to protect against counterfeit goods, prevent gray market activities, monitor their supply chain and enhance trust.


UbiSim is a company dedicated to creating interactive training for nursing students using the new unique possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR). UbiSim provides an intuitive and easy way for nursing students to learn and review medical procedures in a realistic and fun way, without the need to access physical simulation centers that are often booked months ahead of time. Their solution combines intuitive interactions provided by VR, flexible scenarios, immediate feedback after a session and a collaborative mode for more advanced scenarios.

Urban Farmers

UrbanFarmers Ltd. is a Switzerland-based technology company building commercial food production units in cities. The company develops and operates farms with its proprietary software system allowing commercial decentralized farming at low cost. Established in 2011, UrbanFarmers is attracting global attention with its vision to build rooftop farms. With a pilot commercial rooftop farm located in Basel, Switzerland, UF is selling fresh fish and vegetables directly into leading local restaurants. In May 2016, UrbanFarmers celebrated the Grand Opening of Europe’s largest rooftop farm in The Hague, NL. The current project pipelines include projects in the Benelux, Germany as well as a host of other cities worldwide.

About CES Asia

CES Asia 2018 will serve as the premier event for the consumer technology industry in China. CES Asia showcases innovation across several vertical industries in the Asian marketplace while providing tech companies, from leading Chinese and global brands to cutting edge startups, a platform to create partnerships, build relationships and reinforce their brand. Industry executives, global buyers, government officials, market analysts, retailers, media and consumers from China will witness the latest products and technologies while celebrating the innovation and new trends that define the industry. More info on:

Facts & figures about CES Asia

  • 500 exhibiting companies
  • 40,000+ total attendance
  • 1,200+ media
  • 42,000+ sq. meters of exhibit space

Solar Impulse Visits China to Promote Eco-Friendly Solutions

The Solar Impulse Foundation, after its successful completion of the first round-the-world solar flight, has launched the #1000Solutions Challenge, which aims to select, label and promote 1000 solutions for a more sustainable world. The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is founded by Mr Bertrand Piccard, who is visiting Shanghai from May 27 – June 2 to meet the key-players in innovation to participate in the #1000 solutions challenge. These solutions to protect the environment will be presented by the foundation’s founder Mr Piccard at the COP24 in December 2018 to policy makers and business leaders across the world.

Why China?

Investment in renewable energy continues to grow at a record pace as countries look to move away from fossil fuel-based power production to eco-friendly generation. Motivated by its increasing pollution problems, China has taken an active role and become a leader in the development and implementation of clean technologies. Over half of world’s new solar capacity is in China.

Considering the country’s important role, the Solar Impulse Foundation wants to make sure China is well represented in the solar-impulse ecosystem and so that Chinese solutions can join this movement.

Aside from identifying and promoting innovations from China, the Solar Impulse Foundation seeks to develop strong collaborative relationships in China with:

  • Institutions that seek to promote or implement clean technologies
  • Organisations within the innovation ecosystem such as research institutes, incubators, startup clusters and innovative corporates
  • Media


Become a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. Please click here for more information, and click here to sign-up.