Blockchain in FinTech: another Grand Success in the Future of Money series

swissnex China was proud to organize the third edition of the Future of Money series, “Blockchain in FinTech” at the Embassy of Switzerland, as part of the Swiss Innovation Week on July 6. The talk addressed diverse trendy subjects such as the applications of blockchain technology and endeavors in Switzerland and in China, the supportiveness of their governments and policies, the technical capabilities and challenges of the blockchain technology at this stage and moving forward as well as its tricky relationship to Cryptocurrency in the blockchain's development.
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Birdly® - The Ultimate Dream of Flying

Have you ever dreamed of flying? The Birdly® virtual reality simulator was a centerpiece throughout the Swiss Innovation Week. Described as one of the best VR experience in the world, Birdly® generates a lively full-body experience in which mechanics and computer codes hidden behind this spectacular apparatus quickly disappear.
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swissnex Dome: Where Art meets Science!

With more than 1500 visitors, 80 shows and 100 guests queuing at one time for a screening, the swissnex Dome was a great success during the Swiss Innovation Week.


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